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How do I configure a vehicle online?

When ordering a vehicle, you start out by identifying the vehicle. This is done by uploading a dealer quote, or by configuring a vehicle online.

In order to configure a vehicle, your fleet responsible must have enabled the possibility to order a vehicle for your. In the right-top of the Car > My Car > My Quotes page, click “Configure car” in order to access the car configurator.

When you click “Configure car”, you will be asked to select the budget you want to use to order the car. Subsequently, you will be led through a couple of screens in which you can choose a make, model, and a model version. Your employer is able to control the vehicles that are availble for you to choose, so if you cannot find a vehicle, it is most likely not included as an available vehicle at your organisation.

Next, you will receive an overview of the standard equipment that is available on the chosen version. Click “configure” in order to start adding options.

In the options configurator screens, you can add options to your car. On the right, below the image of the car you are configuring, you will find financial information about the vehicle. Most important among the financial information is the estimated budget price and the budget limit. The budget price is the price of a vehicle quantified using the budget methodology of your employer. Typically, this is the Total Cost of Ownership of vehicle. It might include fuel costs, insurance, taxes, etc. and differs from company to company.

If the budget price of your vehicle exceeds the budget limit, then a couple of scenarios can present themselves

  • You can pay a personal contribution to cover the additional costs of the vehicle
  • The price exceeds the personal contribution limit and you cannot order the vehicle
  • No personal contributions are allow, you cannot order the vehicle

It is important to note that the budget price given is an estimate. The final budget price can only be determined when the leasing company has provided a concrete offer for the vehicle. Consequently, it is possible that the final price of the vehicle is higher or lower than the estimate. At that point in the process, you will still be able to accept or refuse the offer.

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