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How to Keep Your Vehicle List Up-to-Date with Headlight


Managing a fleet of vehicles is a challenging task, especially with the constant changes in vehicle offerings by manufacturers. This article provides a comprehensive guide on how to use Headlight to manage your car list.

Setting Up Your Vehicle List

To start, configure your vehicles in Headlight, including all compulsory options. These configurations are then added to the filters applied to your car configurator. For detailed steps on setting up a car list, refer to the How do I manage the car configurator article.

Monitoring Configurations

Headlight simplifies the monitoring process:

  1. Automatic Scanning: Headlight scans your configured vehicles weekly to check for updates from manufacturers.
  2. Updates Detection: It checks for changes in the car version, compulsory options, and catalog values.

Silent Updates

Headlight automatically updates your list when:

  • There are minor changes without impact on price or offering.
  • Option names change, but the manufacturer codes and prices remain the same.

Vehicle No Longer Offered

  • Notification: If a car version is discontinued or significantly updated, Headlight notifies the fleet manager.
  • Invalid Configurations: These are marked invalid and removed from filter sets.
  • Supporting File: Headlight provides a file describing the original vehicle to help configure new vehicles or request information from third parties.

Vehicle No Longer Valid

  • Notification and File Support: When options change significantly or are discontinued, the fleet manager is informed.
  • Automatic Adjustment: Headlight adjusts the vehicle configuration to keep it valid but removes compulsory status from the affected options.

Pricing Changes

  • Notification of Changes: If the catalog value of the vehicle or its options changes, the fleet manager is alerted.
  • Budget Implications: It’s crucial to review these changes, especially if a delta-budget mechanism is in use.

Updating the Car List

In response to notifications, fleet managers should:

  1. Create New Configurations: Replace outdated ones with new templates.
  2. Manage Filter Sets: Ensure new configurations are included and old ones are removed.
  3. Review Prices: Particularly important for delta-budget systems.

For more details on creating and managing filter sets, refer back to the “How do I manage the car configurator” article.

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